26 December 2007

Welcome to my new blog on Internet Addressing Policy issues

Two years ago I created a blog - but never started writing anything - now I think the time has come to be serious about sharing my thoughts and observations with the community on IP addressing issues.

I have been involved in IP addressing policy issues in the RIPE region since I was responsible for setting up the local internet registry for one of Norways first comercial ISPs in 1993. I was soon involved in policy work - simply because the policies at the time were not reflected in the documents in such a way that it was easy to learn and understand how to apply for and get IP address space.

Since then I have been a regular participants at RIPE meetings, for several years the chair of the Local IR working-group later the Address Policy working group before I stepped down from this job a while ago.

I was elected as one of the three representatives on the ICANN Address Supporting Organisation Address Council (ASO - AC) and have been chair and co-chair of the Council since its beginning and have just been relected to the council for a period of 3 years.

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