About me

Working at Visma

From November 2015 I have taken on the position as Chief Information Security Officer.
I joined Visma, a Nordic IT company, in 2004 as IT Director and Managing Director for Visma IT & Communications. From August 2013 I have been working as Strategic Advisor with corporate IT projects in the Visma group. The main projects has been implementation of Google for Work.
As part of my job in Visma I am advisor to the management of the Hosting division, consisting of Active 24, where I am member of the board and has been acting CTO in 2015, and Loopia in Sweden. The Hosting division offers web-hosting and domain names to customers mainly in Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic but also several other European countries.
I am also board member of Visma Personnel, a recruitment company in the Visma Group. 

RIPE - Réseaux IP Européens

I am Chair of RIPE – the open policy forum for for the regional internet registry for Europe and Middle East, since 2014 and before that Deputy Chair from 2013. I have been actively involved in RIPE and the Internet industry for over 20 years. 
My first-hand knowledge of global IP address policy creation was developed in the RIPE Address Policy Working Group, which I chaired from 1998 to 2007.


I have been part of ICANN's ASO Address Council aso.icann.org since its formation in 1999 until 2013 where he spent 10 years as Chair or Co Chair. I have been appointed by the ASO to serve on the ICANN Nomcom 2014 and 2015 and the ICANN board appointed me to serve as Chair Elect on the Nomcom 2016.

.no, IPv6 & Internet Society

I am serving on a strategy panel for NORID, the Norwegian ccTLD for .no. In the past I have served on the policy advisory board NORPOL from 2003 to 2013, and prior to that on the dispute resolution function NOK from 2001 to 2003.  I am a member of the Norwegian IPv6 forum and has been deputy chair of ISOC Chapter Norway from 1997 and part of the interim board tasked to rejuvenate the chapter in 2013.


Graduated from University of Oslo (1988) with a Bachelor's Degree (Cand. Mag.)  in Computer Science with a year from University of York as part of the degree. Further studies at the University Oslo, while working at the University Computing Centre administering the Norwegian EuNet node, and the name server for .no. 


In 1991 I was one of the founders of Oslonett, one of Norway's first commercial ISPs. In 1995 Oslonett AS was sold to Schibsted, a Norwegian media house, and transformed into Schibsted Nett. In 1997 Telenor and Schibsted merged their Internet access businesses in Telenor Online - later Nextra - and their content business in Scandinavia Online - SOL. After a short period in Telenor I joined Scandinavia Online. When SOL expanded into Sweden, the technical department in Norway was spun of as a separate company SOL System. In Sol System I became responsible for setting up the technical platform for Scandinavia Online in Sweden with the portal Passagen  and later Alt Om Stockholm and Alt om København, city guides built on technology from Citisearch. After SOL System was sold to Infostream which was acquired by Integra, I joined Scandinavia Online again working with product development.
In 2001 I joined Tiscali which had just merged with World Online. After establishing a bit-stream ADSL offering trough Telenors Jara offering and getting some 16 000 customers in a years time, I got the responsibility as Nordic Network Director to rebuild the Tiscali network in Denmark.

Music and Dance

In my spare time I play the viola in the University of Oslo Symphony Orchestra and Norwegian folk music on my  violin for folk dance groups in "Bondeungdomslaget i Oslo". I have served as deputy board member of the society´s businesses the "Best Western Hotel Bonedeheimen" with restaurant "Kaffistova" and the craft shops "Heimen Husflid" and "Den Norske Husfliden" from 2010-2015.
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