21 December 2011

ISOC Norway Chapter Closure

Today I received the following message from Dr Jacek Gajewski, Chapter Development Manager (Europe) Reviewing my previous posts - I see that my attempt to rejuvenate the chapter back in 2008 was not successful.
I am still willing to help re-establishing the ISOC Norway Chapter - but I think it is good that the matter is now out of my hands and that ISOC will offer its assistance to establish a new chapter with new management.
Dear Rolf and Hans Petter,

    Looking at the Chapter situation in Norway and reviewing the information we got from you, we classify the Chapter as inactive since a period of time. With this email,we want to inform you that we took the decision to put ISOC Norway Chapter into a process of rejuvenation and about our next steps in this regard. Together with current and former members of ISOC Norway Chapter as well as our global members in your country we would like to see a strong and vibrant presence for the Internet Society in Norway. Having noticed that Hans Petter, as an only remaining officer, has probably a contact with your current and former members, we would be grateful to pointing us to those members, who are likely to be willing to take active part in rejuvenation process and/or alumni of Next Generation Leaders from your country. 

    As you have been involved with the Chapter for a very long time we would like you to invite you to be involved in the rejuvenation of the Chapter as we believe that you (and other former officers) have much expertise to pass on to the “next generation” of leaders.  

The steps for rejuvenation currently work like this:

1)    We send a formal closure letter to all previous officers.

2)    we email all the current and former members of the chapter that are in our database, telling them that we would like to rejuvenate the Chapter and ask them to get in contact with us if they are interested to help. We also email all ISOC members in Norway and notify them of this step.

3)    ISOC then creates a discussion mailing list and let those interested discuss the role and scope of the new Chapter, possible projects etc.

4)    Usually an interim leadership / rejuvenation committee is established until real elections can be held at a membership meeting (once the chapter is approved).

5)    Once the discussion is completed, and everyone has a clear idea of what the Chapter will do (projects), what community it will serve and its’ purpose, a set of Bylaws are prepared, and a new application for a Chapter is filed with ISOC.

6)    ISOC reviews the application and once the Chapter is approved, a formal membership meeting is held and elections are conducted following the requirements set forth in the Chapter’s Bylaws.

One of ISOC’s core strategic priorities is to help foster the Next Generation of Chapter leaders. We have a programme running at: http://www.isoc.org/leaders/. As a result we are working hard through Chapters to ensure that we promote the Next Generation of Leaders.  

We would really appreciate any help you can give to the rejuvenation of the Chapter and the Next Generation of Leaders, as we believe you have much experience to offer.  We look forward to creating a strong and active presence for the Internet Society in Norway.

With best wishes,

Dr Jacek Gajewski
Chapter Development Manager (Europe)