07 May 2015

RIPE Chair Report May 2015

IPv6 Forum Saudi Arabia

RIPE 70 is just around the corner and I am writing this summary of my activities from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia where I have enjoyed the hospitality of the Communications and Information Technology Commission - CITC which were organising the IPv6 forum  here in Saudi Arabia. 

I was invited as one of the keynote speakers and talked about how communities in the RIPE region drive the global IPv6 deployment. By writing IPv6 best practices, bringing people together and sharing knowledge and experience. The slides can be found at High Level Strategies to IPv6 success stories.


I was also presenting at the SEE4 in Belgrade on the topic of  RIPE vs RIPE NCC from the beginning to after the NTIA transition.  

Walking trough the history of RIPE and RIPE NCC, the CRISP proposal and how the values of RIPE,  bottom-up, open and inclusive, are reflected in the proposal. Simply speaking we move from a structure where the IANA operator operates under a contract with the US Governments to a structure where the IANA Numbering Services operator would operate under a contract with the RIRs as mandated by, and under oversight of, their members and communities.

Imprinting the bottom-up structure is in my opinion very important for the future success of the Internet.

NTIA Transition

The CRISP team, with Nurani Nimpuno, Andrei Robachevsky and Paul Rendek has completed its proposal that has been submitted to the IANA Stewardship Coordination Group

and a team of legal experts from the RIRs have prepared  a SLA which is posted for comments.

There will be an opportunity to discuss this on Tuesday evening  after Chris Buckridge´s presentation on Next steps for the RIPE community.  

IETF Helpdesk

In the CRISP process it has become quite clear that we have a lot in common with the IETF community and that it to some extent overlaps with the RIPE community. At RIPE 70 we will do an experiment with an IETF Helpdesk so RIPE community members have a chance of meeting IETF participants and learn more about the IETF process. Please let us know trough the meeting survey if you think this was useful or not.

Working-group Chairs 

As usual we have planned a lunch for the chairs on Thursday with the following draft agenda

I. Welcome/Intro
III. Administrative/Technical Overview of RIPE 70
IV. Update on the RIPE PC <-> WG Chairs Workflow
V. Additional Way to Participate on WG Discussions
VI. RIPE 71 Meeting Plan
VII. Post RIPE 70 WG Chairs Call? 


Being Chair for the RIPE community brings me to different events in the region. I am unfortunately not able to attend all the events. After RIPE 69 in London I have been participating in the following events:

ICANN 2015 Nomcom

In addition to the selection of an ICANN board member by the NRO NC acting as the ASO AC the numbering community has some influence on the board members selected by the ICANN 2015 NOMCOM. The ASO AC appoints a member of this committee that selects board members, ccNSO, At-Large and GNSO members. The deadline for nominations was 15. March and the 2015. NOMCOM members are busy evaluating the nominations. More details on the current status can be found in the latest NOMCOM report.

RIR management changes

Two of the other RIRs have appointed new CEOs: 

After Raul Echeberria joined ISOC as Vice President for Global engagement last year and Adiel Akplogan joined ICANN as VP of technical engagement

RIPE Region diversity

An observation from all the meetings is that our region is still quite diverse and that the communities are at very different maturity levels. In some parts of the region we are more than happy to, and have the ability to travel to the RIPE meetings, but in other parts there are barriers to this.

We need to recognise our cultural differences and continue to work together to build a strong Internet not only in our region but also on the global level. 

We should keep in mind that our core mission is technical coordination, but we also need to interact with other Internet Governance initiatives to teach them what we are doing and learn from them what they are doing.

Thank you RIPE NCC

Last but not least, I would not have been able to participate in all these events without the excellent support from the RIPE NCC staff. Travel support, presentation material, briefing and not to forget the organization of the meetings all together. Without their hard and dedicated work the RIPE community would not have achieved what we have today.

Hans Petter Holen

RIPE Chair