26 August 2008

Implementing the AS Number Policy

One might think that this simple change in global policy for AS numbers should be fairly easy to implement. But as this involves one of the key elements in the BGP routing protocol it realy has some impact on all routers on the internet.

This article from the RIPE NCC website highlights this challenge:

Make sure you push your vendor to implement the latest version of the Internet Protocols.

19 August 2008

New Global Policy for Autonomous System Numbers

Autonomous System Numbers are used in the routing system in the Internet.

A simple description of an AS number is a number every ISP needs to refere to its own routes in the global routing table.

As not only ISPs needs AS numbers but every network with a separate routing policy, the original 2 byte AS nubers were not enough and the routing protocols has been updated to allow for 4 byte numbers.

The new global policy describes how ICANN/IANA will allocate blocks of 2 byte and 4 byte AS Numbers to the RIRs.

The ICANN board ratified this policy on July 31 2008: http://www.icann.org/en/topics/policy/update-aug08.htm#15