26 December 2007


Backing up data is always a challenge.

I have a couple NLSU2 devices with a 250Gb USB disk - but the performance is not great - and I newer got around to change the frimware to unslung or simmilar. So after reading up on the latest and greatest on NAS devices for home use I figured out I would really like a device with RAID 10 - and 4 disks - striping for performance and size and mirroring for redundancy. My track record with disks seem to be that they break either at once - or after 3-4 years. But the price tag on theese devices were a bit to high for now.

I would also like to have media-server capabilities - preferably iTunes compatible - as there are several iPods in the house allready.

Now - adding affordability as a main criteria I ended up with a D-Link DNS-313 1 bay NAS with a -Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 750GB SATA216MB 7200RPM. Main reason for this selection was a test in "ITavisen" testing performance on NAS devices and the great performance the larger DNS-323.

Experience so far is
  • excellent performance - gigabit Ethernet gives better troughput than the NSLU2
  • iTunes server worked great at first - but after adding my complete library it stopped working. - I guess its time to have a look at the possibilities to upgrade the applications on the DNS
  • Noice - the fans make more noice than the fan-less NLSUs

I'll have to play a bit more with the DNS :-) and figure out how to create a good backup scheeme between the computers and the different devices.

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