05 October 2013

Deputy RIPE Chair - preparing for the future

Dear Collegues,

I am quite humble when looking at the challenge ahead of me as Chair of the RIPE Community.  Rob has done a tremendous job since the formation of RIPE 25 years ago. I see it as a great challenge to live up to the expectations from the RIPE community. We as a community are in an excellent position to further excel our role of technical internet coordination in our region.  RIPE has been for 25 years been working with the fundamental principles of openness, bottom-up processes and inclusiveness, and I will do my very best to make sure it stays this way in the future.

Following the RIPE 67meeting in Athens last October, I have spent some time with Rob, Axel and Nigel discussing the matters at hand for the community.

As the Ripe chair Is invited to the RIPE NCC executive board as an observer, I was in my capacity as deputy chair invited to the meetings in December and April.

In November I attended the ICANN 48 meeting in Buenos Aires, to serve on the 2014 Nominating committee, appointed by the Address Supporting Organization.

in March, the eCrime congress, the ICANN 49 in Singapore and the MENOG 14 in Dubai on the way back home. In the week of easter in april I visited the SEE 3 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

My intention this first year is to attend all the RIPE NCC regional meetings in addition to the RIPE meetings. IN addition to this I believe it is important to follow the NTIA transition process at ICANN and also to visit the IETF and the other RIR meetings over the next two years. As I still have a day job in Visma, I do not intend to visit all the RIR meetings.

One of the first things to explain outside the RIPE community is the distinction between RIPE - Reseaux IP Europenes - or European IP networks in English and RIPE NCC the Network Coordination Centre.

RIPE, the open community discussing matters of common interest to all parties interested in Internet in the RIPE Region.

 RIPE NCC as "the secretariat" for RIPE. RIPE NCC association beeing the legal entity set up for RIPE NCC, governed by the members receiving services from the RIPE NCC trough the general Assembly and the elected Executive Board who again hires the Managing Director and approves the budget and activity plan.

To guide the RIPE NCC and the board we even have the RIPE NCC services Workinggroup, open to anyone. The services wg reviews the RIPE NCC activity plan and discusses new services for the RIPE NCC.

My first goal as ripe chair is going to be to provide the RIPE community with some insight into what I am doing as chair, and I will attempt to do this trough this blog.